About Mobile Application

The focus of the enterprise world is becoming more customer-centric due to ever-growing expectation and knowledge of end-customers. Technology acts as a prime mover for organizations to drive their customer and retain a competitive advantage in the market.

Companies are striving to come out with scalable applications for meeting demanding needs of end users and improving their satisfaction. Tychons addresses these requirements through Application Development Services and translate your business vision into reality.

We help our customers to improve profitability through our innovative and user friendly applications that align with your business strategies. We work together with our customers and understand their business objectives to help them in building a road map for developing applications with enriched user experience.

Our application development approach also addresses the functional gaps in the existing application to meet current business requirements.


  • Android Application
  • iPhone Application
  • Application Mock-ups
  • Mobile UI Designs

★ Benefits for Business

  • Build relationships
  • Build loyalty
  • Spread your brand
  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase your accessibility
  • Solve the problem of getting stuck in spam folders
  • Increase sell-through
  • Increase exposure across mobile devices
  • Connect you with on-the-go consumers
  • Generate repeat business
  • Give you tools that are driving the "New App Economy"
  • Enhance your social networking strategies

★ Benefits for Customer

  • Easy access to your inventory
  • Notifications of special events, launches, and more
  • One-touch access to your contact information
  • Directions to your location from wherever they are
  • Fast, seamless appointment scheduling
  • Automatic recording of their next appointment
  • Automatic reminder of their next servicing date
  • A record of their mileage and most recent servicing
  • Embedded QR Code Scanner
  • Free one-on-one Chat

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